Project Management Services Available near Washington, D.C.

Power CPM provides project management services, helping the owners and contractors identify their needs and the best way to achieve that final product. The firm guides them through the complicated process of selecting architects, designers and contractors if needed; represents the clients’ interests during pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages, serving as a facilitator for the timely completion of the project, within specifications and budget and meeting or exceeding expectations. Roles and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

A team working on project management services near Washington D.C.
  • Collecting project requirements during the initiation stage
  • Identifying all project stakeholders
  • Creating the project plan
  • Setting up kickoff meetings
  • Creating project schedule and budget
  • Procuring all contracts, materials and equipment
  • Periodically meeting with all stakeholders
  • Reviewing and approving payment applications and change orders
  • Monitoring of quality control and safety standards compliance
  • Monitoring as-built drawings and making sure that record documentation is up to date and reflects changes
  • Project closing