Construction Management Near Washington, DC

Power CPM assists the owner, contractor or other clients by representing and protecting their interests, working towards a quality final product. As part of this work, a construction manager supervises all construction activity in the project site, performs quality control and monitors safety compliance at the site. Usual duties include but are not limited to:

Construction workers implementing construction management practices near Washington, DC
  • Kickoff meetings with contractors
  • Monitoring scheduling
  • Monitoring of compliance with contract documents
  • Monitoring of compliance with safety standards and regulations
  • Monitoring of compliance with permits and environmental requirements
  • Performing periodic coordination meetings
  • Expediting requests for information (RFI) and clarifications with contract documents
  • Performing inspections and punch lists
  • Monitoring final testing and commissioning
  • Coordinating operational training for client’s staff
  • Supporting the client during the close out phase